Our Story

We are happy to announce that the SSGMSDA members have an opportunity to the following upcoming events:

1. Lectures by eminent scientists
2. Local networking events
3. Round Table at Art of living international centre in 2019
4. Meditation retreat exclusively for scientists

Doctors and Scientists Yoga & Meditation Program

This February, Art of Living International Centre, Bengaluru is organising a Meditation and Yoga program specially designed for Doctors & Scientists.

The most accomplished scientist and doctors know that all inventions and discoveries emerge from a space of creativity. Silence and deep rest is essential to enhance creativity.

With heightened use of intellect, also comes the need for deep rest and relaxation.

A care giver needs to have a large reserve of energy to take care of the people who need them. Also, only when a care giver is healthy, can they bring health to others. There contribution is extremely valuable to a community’s health, well-being, success, and stability.

We invite you to a unique retreat where you can rest deeply, relax, rejuvenate and replenish your mental and physical well being reserves.

“Journey from Head to Heart” – A Yoga and Meditation program for Doctors & Scientists